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A personal and leadership development course that empowers it's students to transform their lives and make better decisions, while becoming leaders who make positive change in their lives with game changing abilities. This course is also good for those who are leading others at any capacity, parenting, management, supervisory and/or businesses. The lessons will also make you aware of the various elements around leadership to help you better understand the types that lead you and that of within.

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About the instructor

The Legendary Dr. Mrs. Suga-T Stevens has a passion for entrepreneurship and broken souls. Because of being coached as an executive in her family record label, she managed to soar in a male dominated Entertainment Industry of Hip-Hop for three decades and is a social entrepreneur that is behind the success of many other influential entities and brands. Dr. Suga-T Stevens has also earned many awards along the way and at one point sacrificed her entertainment career by going back to school to accomplish an AA, BA and Master’s Degree and PHD, along with a variety of other credentials. Although Dr. Suga-T Stevens was originally branded as a Hip-Hop Legend, that can sing , write, produce, perform speak, author, coach and change lives. She explores a variety of genres, including blues, gospel, jazz, EDM and pop, and created her own genre titling it "Rhythm & Rap. This savvy social entrepreneur visionary re-invented her brand and works as a coach, author, speaker, advocate, mentor, performer, actress, personality, spiritual comforter and TV/music producer, while holding a Guinness friendly record of the biggest brother and sister Hip Hop duet ever in history titled “Sprinkle Me,” with her big brother “The Legendary E40.” Dr. Suga-T Stevens continues to hold down her spot, still carving a historical stamp in music, advocacy, community and business paving the way. She is also the founder of Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise, learn more @ www.Suga-T.net . 

Ms. Suga T

PHD, MA, BA, AA, Entrepreneur, Author, Producer, Platinum/Gold VH1 Pioneer, Vision Coach

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Leaders change the world. Increase Your Value and Learn How To Be a Real Game Changer for yourself, your family and your community

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