Certified Empowerment Officers (CEO)

Sprinkle Me Learning Academy's teaching model has been very effective. Our team is very culture competent, experienced and passionate about empowering others with the tools to gain knowledge. Our CEO’s play the role of guiding students and/or partners through one or more online, face to face and/or virtual learning experiences depending on the services that are secured. We pair our CEO's with different learners or participants, while catering to different learning styles and modes. Our CEO'S make sure that they channelize the focus of learners and partners towards key concepts and ideas. Most of the work performed by our CEO's are pedagogical, social, managerial & technical, assuring that our students and/or partners have an amazing and valuable experience. Our CEO's are trained to instruct and facilitate in the various presentations and narrations that meets learners and/or partners where they are while helping them explore what they can become. We make it a point to implement online and in- person discussions for reasons encompassed by the pedagogical and/or social role.


Founder Master Coach

Our founder, Suga-T Stevens was able to turn it all around and helps others do the same. While navigating through many hardships that come with being a young black woman in America. Suga-T was able to persevere through low self-esteem, risky teen behavior, teen-parenting and shortly thereafter, grand parenting. Suga-T overcame domestic abuse, as well as other obstacles and became one of our generations most influential and innovative influencers, globally. Her presence in entertainment, business and the social community still reaches far. Suga-T learned that in order to change her life for the better, one has to take the good with the bad and work with what you have to gain more. She stands on the principals that knowledge is power, and believes in giving others that opportunity. She even went as far as at one time sacrificing a successful career in music selling multi-platinum and gold selling albums, to gaining more knowledge up to a Double Master’s Degree and to become a better role model, for her children, peers, her community and fans. For over 25 years, Ms. Stevens has aided those who have walked a similar path as she. She uses her life experience, brand, and education to help in the transformation of community, businesses and individuals.


Instructor Alumni

Veronica Wilson has been in the business of inventing and caring for others for many years. She started off as a pastor providing spiritual development, then later became a service hand professional of serving the disabled and handicapped community. She has a passion for being of service and assistance to those in need. In between creating care homes for over 30 years and giving jobs to others with the same passion, she decided to go into the inventor's business. She created happy helping hand to be of more assistance to those with limited mobility and that can use a happy helping hand. Veronica also does consulting and training to help those in the interest of caring for others to provide them with the necessary tools and as a facilitator of The Sprinkle Me Learning Academy's programs and courses. Veronica continues to invent products that provide helpful elements to those in need. She is a Sprinkle Me Learning Alumni, and a great asset to the Sprinkle Me Learning Academy's Team and learning community.


Instructor Alumni

Lady Tapatha "The Code Killer" is a Wife, Mother and served as CEO, Process Engineer, Project Manager, Case Manager, Life Healing Coach, Motivational Speaker, Homeless Activist and International business women. Growing up in the Silicone Valley at a very young age, gave her the heart of an entrepreneur, along with strong management and leadership skills. She has exceptional love for business, music and the arts and a passion for teaching. At 18 years of age, Ms. Kendrick started her corporate experience in Nuremburg, Germany for the federal government. At 21 she launched her own beauty business as a Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Where she learned to always provide excellent customer service and a polished professional image at all times. Living in Europe working with the military she gained priceless work experience and personal experience; overcame many fiery trials that has sharpened this young business women’s skill set and prepared her to work and understand mankind. When she returned to the United States, she was hired by the Fortune 500 Company, Technical giant, Apple Computer Inc. During her long 11 year career at Apple Computer Inc. she studied and embraced all education & training suggested and provide by the late Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple Computer University; Tapatha mastered all functions within the computer manufacturing. This prepared her to become a highly trained problem solver in the Semiconductor Industry. Tapatha is also a Sprinkle Me Learning Academy Alumni and has been a great asset to our team and learning community.


Instructor Alumni

Nykessiah Fountain has overcame substance abuse and has acquired firsthand experience starting with healing herself, through plants and hope, she has acquired a variety of skills that go as far as Journalism, Home Tribal Remedies that she learned from her grandmother, CNA, Medical Coding, MA, along with Holistic Health & Addiction studies. She enjoys poetry, pottery and planting, and has a passion for teaching others these skills. Here talents and abilities go as far as billing clients insurance companies to ringing up customers at a drive through window. she has done it all to survive and avoid becoming a statistic and in order to accomplish her positive life and professional goals. Nykessia purchased her first home at age 27, owned fancy cars and earned enough money to have her children in private school with left over money to save. This was due to the education certification of a medical coding career and a decent pay of $32.50 an hour working at a local hospital. Although obstacles came with all of her great accomplishments, including addiction, she persevered and enjoys teachings others how to preserver. Nykessiah is a Sprinkle Me Learning Academy Alumni and a great asset to our team and learning community.


Instructor Alumni

Maryanne Barkus was interesting and very active as a child. She would participate in the Girls Inc, fashion shows starting from 5 years old, to her best experience of traveling to her grandmother’s house. She grew up in Morgan Hill, CA and spent most of her childhood memories of holiday vacations at her grandma’s house and her favorite Church Events" "Summer Camp" in San Jose. She lives to learn new things from her grandma and others. Maryanne was taught elegance and how our positive ways of carrying ourselves can make us feel great. She also believes in following the positive keys of life and loves to cook. She was taught etiquette which included being a lady, to sit up straight, talk proper, table manners, self-discipline, how to sit like a lady, the poise of wearing a dress, the importance of reading the bible as a way of hope and to pray. Maryanne is very creative, talented and patient and has a passion for tea party creations for little girls to provide them a chance to learn etiquette. With all that she has endured, from overcoming growing up without her biological mother, along with experiencing risky behavior, her ability to transform and realize that living with integrity and positive interactions is a key to life success and safety, and having the experience from her grandmother, is was brought her back into positive alignment. Maryanne enjoys teaching and especially girls and young women who walked her same path. She is also a Sprinkle Me Learning Academy Alumni and a great asset to our learning community.

Ms. Frazier

Instructor Alumni

Shawnetria Frazier started in the medical field and has a variety of credentials. Her skills go from medical administrative work, to nursing assistant and teacher facilitation support. She has also acquired a Food Safety and Food Handling Certification along with earning a Class B Drivers License. Her passion was around money management and financial literacy which gave her the motivation to learn a variety of financial literacy, which has been very helpful to assisting those that are not familiar with financial management tools, services and healthy practices. Shawnetria has an experience as an overcomer as well and found it necessary at one point in her life to associate herself in positive and productive environments that kept her safe and on the safe track, and have been able to help many others do the same. Her ability to produce poetry was a great way of coping with life's roller coaster ride and creativity and consistency has given her the passion to share with others and teach by example. Ms. Frazier is a Sprinkle Me learning Academy Alumni and a great asset to our team and our learning community.

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